Seacrest high school

Class of 1969

Old cars and so forth

Brian in a 1931 Ford Model A.
At Camp Cullowhee in North Carolina in 1966.
Membership rolls of the Deer Clan and Wolf Clan at Camp Arrowmont.
Stilt boy makes the paper.
Brian at about age 4, in a Ford Model T he still owns. 
  Receiving certificates for completing a Defensive Driving Course with Kathy Timberman, Jack Jarvis, Debbie DuBois and Dan Smith, safe drivers all. 
  Cub Scouts, with Joe Mouw, Eddie Shoemaker, Eddie's mom (the den mother), Ken Freligh, Roger DiVagno, Alan Patriani, and Gerald Newton. 

The junior choir at Cason Memorial Methodist Church, from the Delray Beach News-Journal dated Thursday, December 15, 1960. Photo by Gary Gooder.

Front row: Nina Barker, Linda Williamson, Brenda Dewberry, Brenda McClary, Mary Anne Steele, Nancy Harvel, Katie Bird.

Second row: Patty McDonough, Kathy Kramer, Wesley Evans, David George, Eddie George, Evelyn Case, Allison Bird.

Third row: Susan Saunders, Andrea Love, Penny Mattson, Ed Shoemaker, Brian Douglas, Daniel Schere, Eddie Anderson.

Top: Bonnie Brown, Philip Marley.