Seacrest high school

Class of 1969

Photos - The Early Years

Photos and mementos saved by Brian Douglas's mom.

Dave Kocher, Bill Smith, Bill McLellan and Bob Allen with the safety patrol at the Delray Beach train station, May 1963.
Safety PartrolSafety PartrolSafety Partrol PB County Safety Patrols in Washington, DC May 1-5, 1963.
Looks like Jim Shanley above "C" in County, 3rd row from bottom, more Boynton kids near him. Girls from Plumosa below and to right of the lion statue. Delray Elementary kids are also in the picture.
Bill McLellan at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, May 1963.
Donna Sinks birthday party circa 1960. Marsha Swem, Susan Gracey, Katie Bird, Grace Anne Shoaf and MaryAnn Skilman. Donna is the one holding something.
The safety patrol waits at the Seaboard railroad station for the train to Washington DC in 1963:  Donna Sinks, June Smith, Jan Lipsky, Grace Anne Shoaf. From Donna's archives.