Seacrest high school

Class of 1969

Photos - High School Days

Bill Smith speaks at the Delray Beach Kiwanis Club luncheon on November 20, 1968.  The next two photos are also from Bill.
Bill Smith and John Archie at the Key Club state convention in 1968. What are they building?
Delray Beach News-Journal article about the dedication of the Seahawk statue, with a photo of the band playing for the event. From the Tim Tyson collection.
Tim Tyson and Jim Shanley get ready to do a little shopping. Who sent this in?
Don, June, Jeanne, Woody Don Murray, June Smith, Jeannie Noble, Woody Larson.
elevator girls Photos from a Hollywood convention.
Bunch of guys This one and the next two were taken by Ted Knight on the last day of school. Bill McLellan, Mel Thomas, Bill Smith, and Brian Douglas, with Mel's bug-eyed Sprite.
friends Bonnie Hertz, Jim Ritterbusch, Byron Fears, Pat Murphy, Nina Barker.
Mel and Jerry Mel Thomas and Jerry McKean. 
Mr. Ripley and NHS Principal Clifford Ripley with seven members of the National Honor Society at graduation. Bill McLellan, Carl Bradbury, Ted Knight, Ron David, Woody Larson, Don Murray, David Brown.
A page of covers and poetry from two issues of Esse, our literary magazine.
1966 newspaper photo James Sullivan sent this 1966 newspaper photo recognizing four civic-minded young men. Bob McDonald, Steve Hardin, Rick Hines, and James.
This booklet was given to each of us as a kind of orientation. Pack rat Tim Tyson saved his. Here's the cover. Remember? Think hard.
The credits. Steve Raulerson, Hugh McCandless and Scott Ogan were involved, as was Dick Ennis.
A very helpful map of the campus was included with the booklet.
Techies will love this photo of the Program 101 computer, complete with a list of its educational and administrative benefits.