Seacrest high school

Class of 1969

Photos - Recent Years

Phil Parker Phil Parker in his shop with '68 Triumph Bonneville and '70 Dodge R/T. Photo by Phil's son-in-law Mark Nuttbrook.
Deb Houthon Eyerdam, Hannah Boyle Gould Debbie Houghton Eyerdam (L) and her childhood best friend Hannah Boyle Gould ('68, R) on a 2008 fishing trip to Guatemala. The trip was a surprise 60th birthday gift for Debbie’s husband, Rick, an avid fisherman who had never caught a marlin. Not only was the trip destination successfully kept a secret, but the fact that Hannah and Thorne Gould (from Maryland) were joining was a TOTAL (and welcomed) surprise. The trip was a hoot – birthday boy caught a 350-lb marlin – while all caught many sailfish and tuna. All but the tuna were released. Shortly after, the market crashed. Carpe diem!
Robert Allen, Tommy Johnson, Bob Banting Robert Allen, Tommy Johnson and Bob Banting on a fishing trip to Green Turtle, Abaco, Bahamas, in July 2009.
The Knights and the CreansCharleen and Marie Until 1999, Charleen McCoy Crean hadn't been to a reunion because she lived in Hawaii. That's where she met her husband John, an Episcopal priest (L). After the reunion, Ted Knight and his wife Marie (R) visited the couple in Michigan and also when they vacationed at Sanibel. These are from 2008 at a Starbucks near Grand Rapids.