Seacrest high school

Class of 1969

Remember when...

John Archie -
It was our junior year. Tim Tyson, Andy Baskin, and I wrote a play called
"Uncle Mel's Follies," poking fun at the school administration and their "improved" data processing capabilities. One of the guys, whose name I can't remember, gave a spot-on impression of our principal, Mr. Ripley, giving a speech about how wonderful the "new innovations" were. We put it on several times in the speech room, with Mr. Goelz, the speech teacher, in on the conspiracy. Uncle Mel was our vice principal whose last name I can't remember. He was in charge of the data processing, and there was a subtle implication in the play that he had sex with his computers. (Computers were a lot bigger then... Remember?) I don't know if the administration ever found out about it.

Jim Shanley -
My favorite Seacrest faculty/staff memory is Jim Ennis successfully hiding 20 seahawks in his classroom from inquisitive PB County Deputies.
My most embarrassing moment was leading the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom and forgetting the words midway. In my panic I started over not realizing that when the rest of the student body was finished I was only midway. My voice continued as the school went silent. It appeared that I was disrespecting the USA in a pathetic grasp for a joke...Mr. Ripley took it pretty seriously and called me to his office. Unfortunately, I had excused myself for a breakfast date at Lum's. Upon returning to campus for 2nd period there was an all points bulletin ...immediately report to Mr. Ripley's office. God bless him, he believed me and let me walk. I don't recall how breakfast was explained though.
My most memorable Seacrest experience was sweeping away the toes of the Seahawk statue when on clean up duty for the sculptor. Mr. Seiller blew a gasket and threatenen to do something to me that can not be repeated.
The person who got me through Seacrest the lunch ladies. I can still see their smiling faces like it was yesterday. And why were they smiling...
My most embarrassing moment was
punching Mark Reinecke in the chest as we ran laps so I wouldn't finish last.